Meet the Tailor of Bridal Masterpieces - Giuseppe Papini

Giuseppe Papini at his showroom in Via Tasso. Photograph by Devid Rotasperti

Giuseppe Papini at his showroom in Via Tasso. Photograph by Devid Rotasperti

Headquartered in Bergamo, Italy, Signore Giuseppe Papini truly captures the essence of fine Italian design and style.  He has been labeled as the "Tailor of Masterpieces for Brides" and his breathtaking work absolutely speaks for itself. See the Q&A below with Giuseppe for a glimpse into this artist's genius mind.

Savannah: What is/are your inspiration(s) for your designs?

Guiseppe: As an Italian designer, the inspirations for my collections are what surround me. My main interests are art, classical music and nature. As a creative, I continually make sketches of gowns, almost 4,000 per year. At any moment, I find something inspiring me. Most of the time I just look at something such as a swan or a classical painting and immediately associate it to a future gown. After the inspiration, while I make the sketch, I constantly think about the type of woman that will love that dress. 

Savannah: What are some of your favorite pieces of work that are most dear to your heart?

[See slideshow below]

Savannah: What sets your brand apart from competition?

 Giuseppe: Our brand is entirely Made in Italy with the typical Italian artisanal techniques. We select the best Italian silks and French laces and continually work on new shapes and patterns. The highest selection of materials and cuts with constant attention to details is the main strength of our brand. 

Savannah: Could we get a sneak peek of your most recent release?

Giuseppe: We can give you a sneak preview after the NY International Bridal Week in April, but here is the most recent collection…

If you would like to see more work by Giuseppe, please visit his website here. Also, check him out on Instagram and Facebook



Savannah Kilpatrick