Celebrate the Couple, Not the Occasion

Savannah Kilpatrick - Atlanta Wedding Planner & Designer

You know you want to do it, right? There's something about eloping that seems so appealing. Just choose a country, pack a carry-on and grab your significant other! Obviously we are in the wedding industry and this advice helps us out ZERO, but we also know that not every couple longs for a traditional wedding and we celebrate your uniqueness! In fact, it's that very uniqueness that Savannah Kilpatrick built her brand around!

Have you actually stopped to think about the idea that maybe it was possible to elope? I'm sure your parents and future "in-laws" would agree after seeing these numbers...

Did you know that brides spend, on average, $1,281 on their wedding gown, according to theknot.com? Let's look at a few more averages, shall we?

  • Reception Venue - $13,385
  • Engagement Rings - $5,598
  • Tux - $250

Now, take a look at the maps below. These are the current prices for flights this fall, per person, according to kayak.com. On the left, you'll see round-trip flights <$700 and round-trip flights on the right <$1,000. Yes, Hawaii is only $650/ person.

...you're welcome.

Feeling adventurous? Are the two of you fans of traveling to foreign places to profess your love to one another? How about hiring an officiant to "seal the deal" on a Brazilian cliffside in Rio de Janiero? Or maybe find a serene facade in Makati City in the Philippines?


Want pictures of your momentous occasion? Two options: Hire a professional OR bring the selfie stick that's been collecting dust in your bedside table! There are some insanely talented professional photographers we work with that are willing to travel to wherever you so choose at a surprisingly "less-than-you-think" price. Contact us if you would like some suggestions!

It's now the two of you against the world. Hold on tight, forget not a single moment and may you NEVER stop exploring!

Top photo by Eric & Jamie Photography