Not Your Mother's Wedding Gown - Fall Fashion '16

Vera Wang Savannah Kilpatrick - Atlanta Wedding Planner Blog

Vera Wang (ahem.. The Queen of bridal fashion) makes so many bride’s hearts beat faster each season. It’s simply magic (and seemingly effortless) the way she manages to go beyond the classical wedding gown in a fashion that will charm even the most conservative audience. In her Fall 2016 collection of gowns, Vera puts the focus not on the usual delicate lace and lush decor, but the dramatic punk and edginess that desperately lacks in the wedding industry. Below are some samples of Vera’s upcoming Fall line of absolute perfection. 

Savannah Kilpatrick feels that every wedding should be as original as the couple being celebrated. By following the rules of “tradition”, the bride and groom look just as their parents and grandparents did on their wedding day. Let us kick these old habits, expect the unexpected and rejoice in those who are different! After all, aren’t weddings supposed to be about celebrating the unique love shared between the bride and groom? 

There is no doubt that a wedding dress is a traditional object, but that doesn’t mean it has to be traditional in style. Vera creates her dresses with traditional means - silk, chiffon, embroidery and the finest tulle, feathers and bows. The combination of all these contradictions hit right on target: every bride, no matter her flair, will be sure to find a gown in Vera’s collection that truly represents her unique style and personality.