It’s OK to Be Selfish, Have Your Dream Wedding!

Photography by Sea Star Arts

Photography by Sea Star Arts

Since you were young, you’ve likely dreamt of what your “dream” wedding would look like. You knew the style of your dress, the colors in your bouquet and maybe even the design of your cake and fit of your handsomely suited groom and his party.

As the years have flown by, very little of your dream wedding has changed. Your venue idea has probably been whittled down to two or three options and your groom has, hopefully, been decided upon. But what no longer remains is your naïve sense of a budget from when you were young. Now that you’re a “big girl” you realize the limitations of budgeting and how that will impact your childhood dream.

Over the past few decades, weddings have been made out to consist of the LONGEST possible invite list, 10+ bridesmaids and, of course, an equal number of groomsmen. What was once a celebration of love became a marathon to see who could fill up a college football stadium with guests!

Here’s the rub, you’re going to spend on average $20-50 per person for food alone. Another $5 per household for save-the-dates and invitations. A rented spot for their bum, if your venue package does not come with chairs, will run you about $7 per chair. Another $7 per beer or glass of wine per person will quickly add up.

Setting aside all other costs per guest you might incur, such as hotels, flights, valet parking, etc., you are literally putting a price on your friends and family members.


…invite only those people you have been in contact within the last 5-7 years.

Yes this seems harsh, but at the end of the day you are choosing to shave the cost of your beautifully inspired floral arbor and haute couture dress so that Aunt May and her crazy sisters (along with their kids and husbands) could be invited to your wedding. Sure, you haven’t seen or heard from them in years, but you feel like you simply MUST invite the entire rolodex to your special day.

Here’s a breakdown per guest/family invited:

*Assuming $35 per guest for food and one glass of beer/wine person. Yes, the children are drinking too after seeing these numbers...

*Assuming $35 per guest for food and one glass of beer/wine person. Yes, the children are drinking too after seeing these numbers...

Yeah, inviting all those folks you barely know can rack up quickly. Here’s a suggestion…invite only those people you have been in contact with in the last 5-7 years. You be the judge of the timeframe, but if they’ve not invested their time in your life, why give up part of your dream wedding for their entertainment and a free meal?

In this way, you will have much more flexibility in your budget to hire that top-tier wedding planner, expert quality and well-published photographers, the award-winning floral designer and most other things you would love to have at your budget’s command!

This day is yours and you get to choose who you spend it with as well as how you would like to remember it for many years to come!